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Whether you golf as a serious sport or as a leisurely pastime, lugging a set of golf clubs across eighteen holes can do a number on anyone’s back. Thankfully, with the patent-pending Walk18Golf Harness, you can take your favorite irons, wedges, and putters wherever with minimal strain or exertion.

Everything about the Walk18Golf Harness is designed with ease of operation in mind. The mechanism is simple, one-clip to attach and an adjustable magnetic buckle to fasten everything in place. Our harness is also fully compatible with most golf bags, so you can make use of it without having to purchase any special equipment or replace your existing golf bag.

Improved Weight Distribution 
The Walk 18 Golf Harness takes the weight distribution off your back and moves it to your core, letting you play a round without feeling weighed down by your clubs. Removing all that weight off your back reduces the tension in your muscles for a more relaxed swing. Whether you prefer to carry your bag or simply doing it for the exercise, do it in a healthier way.

Centralized Pivot Point with 4 Connectors 
Specialized attachment points help keep your golf bag out of the way, so you can move freely without having to hold on to the bag. The Walk 18 Golf Harness allows your golf bag to move with you, reducing sway and sag.

Durable and Comfortable
Designed with durability in mind, Walk18 Golf uses military-grade components. Heavy-duty, water resistant nylon ensures your harness stays strong while insulated strap padding provides ample cushioning.

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