PXG Sugar Daddy II Wedges


Color: Chrome
Loft: 50°
Bounce: 12
Sale price$299.99


PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II Wedges are artfully engineered for optimal bounce, insane accuracy, and fine-tuned stopping power. These wedges are 100% milled and feature Full Face Grooves, High Toe Weighting and two innovative sole designs so you can elevate your short game and lower your score.


Available in two innovative sole designs in every loft -
the BP-Grind and C-Grind.


Designed for lush turf conditions, deep sand traps, and golfers with a steeper attack angle, the BP-Grind features a wider sole and slight taper from heel to toe, delivering additional bounce and maximum forgiveness.


Designed to perform in firm turf conditions, the C-Grind features a narrow sole and aggressive taper from heel to toe, delivering moderate bounce. Ideal for skilled golfers hitting creative shots around the green.


Available in Chrome and Xtreme Dark.

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