Mr. Wizard

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Jeff Wallach’s golfy debut novel follows two brothers who learn via DNA testing that
their supposed father is not who they thought. They pursue a genetic treasure hunt that
takes them from 1970s Long Island to current day Manhattan and Ireland. The book
features many scenes set at golf courses and clubhouses in both New York and Ireland;
movie and musical references; a women’s golf champion who also plays drums in a band
called Gorsey Park; much quaffing of Guinness and Jameson; and the world’s driest
Alzheimer’s Joke. Wallach is the award-winning author of four previous golf books and
has written about the sport for The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, GOLF Magazine,
Golf Digest, and many other publications.

Wallach is an award-winning international golf journalist who’s written five books and nearly 1,000 articles for the NYT, GOLF Magazine, Golf Digest, Sports Illustrated, and practically any other publication with the word “golf” in it. He’s also a long-standing NWGG member and claims to have a good short game for a writer.

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