Driven To Extremes

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Driven to Extremes is Jeff Wallach’s book of uncommon golf tales from our sport’s unmanicured terrain.  The stories detail Wallach’s interactions with some of the games quirkiest instructors; his travels to golf destinations as diverse as Ireland and Las Vegas; and his encounters with some of the games most extreme personalities, from a little-known fan of golf architecture to one of the most famous golf architects in the world. James Dodson, author of Final Rounds, said of the book, “I admire anybody who loves the game and writers about it as expertly as Jeff Wallach does. This diverse collection of entertaining glimpses into the wide world of golf— it’s vaunted shrines, out of the way places, and eccentric figures— reads like a scorecard that breaks seventy. I enjoyed it immensely."

Wallach is an award-winning international golf journalist who’s written five books and nearly 1,000 articles for the NYT, GOLF Magazine, Golf Digest, Sports Illustrated, and practically any other publication with the word “golf” in it. He’s also a long-standing NWGG member and claims to have a good short game for a writer.

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