Cleveland Women's Launcher XL 2 Draw Driver

Hand: Right
Loft: 12
Shaft Flex: Ladies
Sale price$449.99


A Driver designed to fit your game just makes more sense, doesn't it? Shorter shafts, retooled shaft flex, and an upgraded grip? Yes, please!

Meet the Women's Launcher XL 2 Draw Driver. It's BIG and built for one thing: sending bombs down the middle. This all-new 1-Wood delivers more distance, forgiveness, and consistency than ever thanks to new MainFrame technology, an improved XL design, and more. And since XL 2 Draw helps compensate for your pesky slice, all you gotta do is step up and swing BIG.

The all-new Women's Launcher XL 2 Draw Driver isn't just big, it's a downright must-hit for anyone who wants help going longer and finding more fairways. That's because it's packed with an XL blend of our latest distance and forgiveness technologies. Like our AI-designed MainFrame XL variable face and our dual flex zoned Rebound Frame. It's everything you need to make it look easy off the tee.

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